5.5m IC Perpetual Cups

Scandinavian Gold Cup

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In 1919 Nylandska Jaktklubben NJK in Helsinki instituted the Scandinavian Gold Cup, the idea being to attract Swedish yachts to compete against Finnish yachts of the 40m2 class. The first race was held in Sandhamn, Sweden, organised by the Royal Swedish Yacht Club. The Cup was won by a Swedish yacht.
In 1921 the second race was held in Helsinki during the NJK's 60th anniversary. In 1922, when Finland was a newly elected member of the Scandinavian Yacht Racing Union, NJK handed over the Cup to the Union as an International Prize in the Six-Metre Class. The Gold Cup replaced the One Ton Cup, which had been temporarily transferred to a French boat class.
In 1926 countries from outside Scandinavia participated for the first time in the Cup competition. The Cup was then won by a US yacht. In 1953 the Cu was transferred to the 5.5 Metre Class, which from then on replaced the Six-Metre Class in the Olympic Games.
A total of 69 competitions have been held between 1919 and 1994, every year with the exception of 1920 and the years of WW II, 1940/46, in 1986 two races were sailed. The Scandinavian Gold Cup is a Nation Trophy, one boat only per country.
In 2014 the 5.5m Scandinavian Gold Cup had its 70th anniversary.

Royal Kaag Classic Cup

Proposed by Hans Nadorp during the Annual General Meeting of 1999 in Torbole, the Classic Cup is sailed at the same time as the Gold Cup by the “Classics". The idea was to promote both the classic yachts and the Gold Cup by giving the first a cup of their own and to the second a larger fleet. Both competitions have some similarities in their rules. The Classic Cup is now a fleet racing series. 5.5 Classic
The first edition of the Classic Cup was disputed in Medemblik a few days before the World Championship 2000 and the first winner was the Dutch boat of Piet van Opzeeland - Topaze - racing for the Netherlands. In recent years "Carabella" has been dominating the scene, with "Apriori" constantly showing comparable performance.

Hankø Evolution Cup

Initiated in 2009 and donated by the Norwegian Class Association, the Hankø Evolution Cup is promoting the participation of 5.5m Evolution boats in races prior to and then in the World Championships. The rules go practically in line with the Classic Cup, also offering a fleet race. NOR 67 The first edition of the Evolution Cup was held in Helsinki a few days before the World Championship 2011 and the first winner was the German boat GER 75 "Above the line". Evolution boat from Norway and Germany have been the first participants.


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