5.5m IC World Championship 2013 Press release

27th sunday   Opening ceremony Worlds

28th January Start of 5.5m Worldchampionships 2013

5.5m IC Worlds schedual (from sailing instruction, Curacao local time)

Monday, January 28th 15:00 race 01 done RACE 1 results
Tuesday, January 29th 11:00 race 02 done  
    race 03 done  RACE 2+3 results
Wednesday, January 30th 11:00 race 04 done  
    race 05 done
Race 4+5 results
Thursday, January 31st 11:00 race 06 done  
    race 07 done  results
Friday, February 01st 10:00 race 08 done Race 1 -8 final results

Prize giving dinner 1st February (end of 5.5m Worlds 2013)

Press releases:

German Newcomers Captured the 5.5m World Champion Title 2013

Curaçao - February 1st, 2013 - Bavarian helmsman and newcomer in the 5.5m Class Markus Wieser has captured the 2013 World Champion Title in Curaçao last week with his crew composed of German Star sailors Frithjof Kleen and Thomas Auracher.

Twenty two boats representing seven nations got together in the Caribbean island of Curaçao for a fierce battle on deep blue seas with easterly winds between 18 and 22 knots.

Five bullets for Wieser and his men on-board "Mission Impossible" (GER 79) assured him the first place of the championship with a net total of 13 points. Second and winning three of the eight races, Norwegian Kristian Neergard with 16 points and third, from Norway as well, Peter Fjeld finishing with 22 points.

"I bought a contemporary (Modern) design boat, and we were competitive from the start. Wind velocity was no issue for us but the fleet was very competitive and we had to fight a lot." said Wieser.

"The 5s are very like of a small version of America Cup's boats. A super nice three-man keelboat, which brings a lot of fun to sail." he added.

The boats are now being loaded in containers to be shipped back to Europe for the rest of the season. Next major events: the Australian Championship in March in Sydney, the Alpen Cup in Torbole and later in September the Classic and Evolution Cups and the European Championship in Benodet, France.


5.5m World 2013 Race Press release DAY 5:
one remaining race, easterly winds 20 - 23 kn, cloudy, high swell

With only two points between the first two boats and some close counting for several more, this is a very nice closure day for all.
The wind has increased, so have the waves.
"Desperado", our Maine lobster fisher sounds his roaring 425hp Turbo-Diesel and is on its way to the bouys, making sure, all is ready.
Wind now Easterly 21 knots, current 1kn against the wind.
Good start, just 1 boat over the line (SUI 226), signals sounded and flag shown, but she carries on.
First downwind is GER 79, followed by NOR 57 and Nor 64.
On the second downwind, NOR 57 goes out to sea and then surfs the waves, while most stay more downwind, some trying the coastal route.
In the end a tight finish between NOR 57 + GER 79 "Mission Possible", which complied, as the winner.

5.5m World 2013 Race Press release DAY 4:
two races done at easterly winds 19 - 21 kn, sunny

Setting the marks on 650m depth, checking the current was first for the starting vessel, a powerful Maine lobster fisher, then on to the starting line. With the help of the onboard plotter Gijs does stay within a 7m distance from position - under engine - much better, then if the boat would be on anchor.
Alfred the race committee boss, is informing the boats via VHF on the board-time, 15min to start.
For those 5.5m boats from Alpine lakes, this is sailors dream, Waves+Wind+Sun+Heat and all of it PLENTY!
The Bahamas + Curacao boats are most acquainted with such circumstances and the Norwegians at least with the wind+wave+sun part of it.
And then it is off to a new start, but:
HonkHonk - General Recall!
The next one works, the bigger group going towards the coast, GER 30 + BAH 19 leading a small group towards open sea.
The first downwind mark shows GER 79 in front of NOR 57 and NOR 64.
The current - quite an obstacle the last days - is down, the wind is 18 knots, stable, some little gust 20-22kts, waves still demanding.
And here they are: NOR 57 1st, GER 79 2nd and SUI 222 3rd.
So, on to the next one: SUI 222 goes to the lead, many follow - but all this prior to start, HonkHonk,  again, General Recall.
Countdown running, some underestimate the current and AHO 2 leads the group with NOR 57 + NED 26, which will be over the line + out.
Most choose the coastal route. On their way back the boats are close together.
Then the last downwind leg and to the finish:
GER 79 1st,
SUI 222 2nd
FIN 49 3rd
Now comes the analogue/digital processor, protest time, after sail party and by the time of your tomorrow's lunch in Europe, the file with results will be sent, latest.

5.5m World 2013 Race Press release DAY 3:
early rain with easterly winds 18 - 21 kn, noon sunny

Day 3: After today's first race, SUI 225 went back to harbour with a broken jib-traveller. NED 26 incurred a problem with the Spi-pole, same for GER 30. Then BAH 20 also returned back in with some needs for repairs. The increase in wind created considerable waves, which took their toll.
After two races sailed, the other 18 boats returned, tired but happy.
Once protest time is over and the analogue data has been digitalized, the results after five races will be posted online.

5.5m World 2013 Race Press release DAY 2:
Sailed race 2 + 3 at easterly winds, sun, 18-22 kn, gusty 25.

Day 2 of the 5.5m World Championship has seen a bit more moderate wind (17-18 knots) and no new damages. Just a few basic repairs on deck and on some masts.
AHO 1, SUI 222 and SUI 213 could return to the races, SUI 225 will be back tomorrow.
The course had a bit of a one sided downwind leg, which the hard working buoy-group will try to move for improvement. The starting line was at 600m of depth!
There have been tight upwind mark meetings, small collisions fairly handled there and no major ocurances on the downwind mark.
The winner in both races today has been GER 79 with Markus Wieser + Crew, followed by NOR 64 + NED 35 in second places and NOR 57 + SUI 222 in third places.

5.5m World 2013 Race Press release DAY 1:
The Curaçao race committee did an excellent job in repositioning the race course, putting the anchors for the marks at up to 2000 ft of depth and thus allowing for a good up-+down course.
The wind was gusting at 22 knots, notable current made conditions challenging and led to 2 hours of racing in race 1 on the first day.
A few boats incurred some damages and could not finish, others had a tough time with wind + waves. (Kaspar Stubenrauch, 5.5m Class President)


5.5m Gold Cup 2013:

The 2013 Scandinavian Gold Cup Goes To Norway

Curaçao - January 24th, 2013 - Deep blue sea, sun and beaches were the scenery for the 5.5m IC 2013 Scandinavian Gold Cup hosted in the Caribbean island of Curaçao.
Eight nations competed in this year edition of the Gold Cup with two new comers the 5.5m Class Association is happy to welcome: The host country, Curaçao and coming back to 5's racing, the U.S.A.
Weather and wind conditions were excellent with easterly winds averaging 16-18 knots. The biggest challenge for the competitors was to get used to and play with the strong current pushing the boats in direction to Santa Barbara beach.
At the end, mastering the conditions and the competitions, the Norwegian crew of Artemis (NOR 57) composed of Kristoffer Spone, Johan Barne and Christen Horn-Johannesen won the coveted trophy being the first boat winning three races.
The Classic and the Evolution Cups will take place later this year during the European Championship that will take place in Benodet (France) in September.



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