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5.5m World Championship 2015

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5.5m World Championship 2015 Sweden, August

at Nynäshamns Segelsällskap; Strandvägen 26, 149 34 Nynäshamn, Sweden
(60 km south of Stockholm)

5.5m International Regatta schedual 2015, download


2014-09-26 5.5m IC World Championship 2014: Marazzi (SUI224) on Ali Baba crowned World Champion in Tuscany

1st - Ali Baba – Flavio Marazzi, Jakob Gustafsson, Christoph Burger (SUI224) (6-6-3-3-6/24pt)
2nd - Artemis XIV – Kristian Nergaard, Johan Barne, Trond Solli-Saether (NOR57) (2-2-5-1-15/25pt)
3rd - John B - Gavin McKinney, Lars Johannsen, Thomas Hallberg (BAH19) (3-3-2-16-4/28pt)


2014-09-25 5.5m WC DAY 4:
3 races; three challenging races completed 5.5m_World_Championship_DAY4
2014-09-24 5.5m WC DAY 3:
no wind, rain & no racing

2014-09-23 5.5m WC DAY 2:
2 races; spectacular racing

2014-09-22 5.5m WC DAY 1:
1 race Due to lack of wind, racing was abandoned

2014-09-20 5.5m Royal Kaag Classic Cup 2014
Today won ITA 32, Best with 10 points SUI 100
2014-09-19 5.5m Royal Kaag Classic Cup 2014
Todays race with change of leadership
2014-09-18 70th 5.5m Scandinavian Gold Cup 2014:
1st Markus Weiser (GER79) wins

2014-09-16 Countdown in Tuscany at Porto Santo Stefano = at 5.5m Worlds Press
2014-09-16 Local weather service
2014-09-06 Information Arrival - driving, harbour directions, Social Events - dress code...please download form
2014-09-05 Please inform YCSS about your boats arrival date, for craning & towing, by email
2014-09-05 Int. 5.5m Class AGM will be held on September 23rd, at the YCSS, at
19:00 h



September 17th-20th 09.2014 Pt. Santo Stefano, IT
5.5m Gold-Cup + Evolution Cup +
Classic Cup
Porto Santo Stefano. IT,
September 22nd-26th 09.2014 Pt. Santo Stefano, IT

5.5m World Championship 2014
Porto Santo Stefano,
Yacht Club Santo Stefano



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